“Practicing yoga under your guidance and tutelage has been a truly transformative experience for me. I appreciate the words of inspiration and meditation that you offer as we set intentions for our time connecting with ourselves and the earth. I am amazed at the strength, flexibility, and focus I achieve with every exhalation. I can’t believe I am a Yogi! Your teachings of self-acceptance, love, and strength are encouraging and inspirational. I look forward to these weekly moments of self care and peace. Thank you for sharing your gifts and being such a blessing. Namaste!”

~ Michelle T.

“YOGA=Balance and learning under Robin is a great way to begin to understand and learn the principles of yoga. I was only vaguely “familiar” with what I thought yoga was, but when I started with Robin as a private student and then started coming on a regular basis, I learned that Yoga is a way to take the daily frustrations, distractions, and grind out of your way and to focus on bringing your body, mind and spirit back into alignment. I’ve been a student of Robin’s for almost 2 years now and I have to say when consistently in attendance, my body got stronger, my mind was more focused and my spirit was calm. I strongly suggest to anyone thinking about a class but not really sure, Robin Bell Yoga is the place for you to start. You never feel intimidated, out of place or unwelcome. Yoga is FOR YOU and what YOUR BODY needs and the classes are also a great means of camaraderie and fun.  So make a move, those “Warrior Poses” will become a favorite of yours as well.”
~ L.H.

“Robin is everything a yoga teacher should be. She is thoughtful, patient, gentle and kind. She makes all of us believe that we can do yoga, regardless of our age, size, or prior experiences. She has fostered the most wonderful yoga community where the people who take her classes are immediately enveloped by warmth and positive energy.”
~ Carlynne C.

“There are a few times in your life where you are introduced to something that literally changes you! Yoga has been that for me. As a busy type A personality, I was always running and when my body stopped my mind kept racing. My sleep was impacted, I began to gain weight and I was at a loss for how to break my cycle. That is when I met Robin and was introduced to yoga. Robin’s genuine care for people and her dedicated approach to her practice was just what I needed. I slowly started taking yoga classes and the more I did the better I began to feel. Robin’s support and gentle reassurance kept me on my yoga journey. I was elated the day I took my rest pose at the end of class and finally didn’t have a million thoughts running around. I was at peace!!!! Yoga has allowed me to find a place to let go of the stress and activity of the day and week and just be at rest. It has also helped me get my “Michelle Obama Arms” which I am pretty proud of :-).

It isn’t often that someone brings a life changing experience into your world but when they do you should fully embrace it. Robin has that gift and I am so happy that I found her. You will be also!!”

~ Ade A.

“Once I began practicing yoga with Robin, I found that yoga has become essential for my well being.  Robin is warm and friendly and such an excellent teacher.  The atmosphere in class is soothing and I always feel at my best when I leave class.  I highly recommend taking a class with Robin!”
~ N. Shaw

“I work in a very stressful and hectic field. I recall having a particularly bad day and thought that nothing could make me feel better. I was fortunate that evening to attend a gentle yoga class that Robin was leading. The class was stimulating, relaxing, engaging and the energy was wonderful. By the time I left the class I felt amazing – mind, body & spirit once again unified. Thank you Robin for sharing your love of yoga with others!”
~ Eric B.

“I found the ‘Healing Meditations’ recording very soothing and calming.  It has taught me how to breathe and relax.  It has become a part of my life.  The scriptures used are so inspiring and Robin’s voice is soothing.  I am in a better place now that I have been using the meditations for a while.  A consistent practice is the key to good results. The Nidra Meditation was really what I needed to help me to relax and sleep at night.  All praises be to God.”

~ Margaret H.

“The 7 States of Practice with Robin – Rest, relaxation, rejuvenation, rehabilitated, refocused, renewed and restored – that’s what you will experience when you practice yoga with Robin. I encourage you to give it a try!”

   ~ Ms. Ann

“I am evolving towards my most authentic self, through the teaching and guidance of Robin Bell Yoga.  Robin’s healing spirit manifests an environment where the mind, body and spirit can flourish.  I find myself more grounded every time I become one with my mat. The breathing techniques accompany me off the mat. It allows me to quiet the energy around me throughout the day. Thank you, Robin, for shining the light that has balanced my mind, body and spirit.  Yoga has increased my physical strength, provided clarity and resolve in everyday decisions, and yoga has brought me closer to the light living within me.”

~ Angela N.

“It’s funny how God brings people into our lives.  And every evening when I walk out of Robin’s class, I feel at peace and tell myself God has placed Robin in my life for a reason. 

And I thank Him each and every time.  I started saving the inspirational messages that Robin gives us at the end of class and keep them in my prayer book.”

~ Grace S.

“I thought that I was led to Robin’s class strictly by accident. As I left my acupuncturist’s office one early evening, I saw a person walking toward a nearby suite with a yoga mat. Since I had been searching for a yoga studio, I decided to quietly follow her. Turns out this discovery was no accident, because upon inquiry there was availability for one more participant! I have been attending twice weekly classes ever since. Robin is the best yoga instructor I have had over the past decade. She conducts every session with a wide array of poses and each class is never the same. Her music offers a wide range of genres. To compliment each class she opens and closes with an inspirational reading. There is also an intentions or prayer box available in class to deposit our personal notes that we had placed under our mats during our poses and meditation. Robin offers a restorative style of teaching that encourages her students to honor ourselves with our own abilities and/or limitations. Her classes are never intimidating or competitive unlike that of a gym venue. I have gained strength, balance and focus with her teaching and leave each session rejuvenated, calm and peaceful after the stress of a long work day.  Robin offers a true gift and has been blessed with her calling and purpose.  I am so thankful I found her!”
~ Karen D.

“I found Robin by doing a Google search of yoga in Laurel. My first class with her was February 2014. My life has forever changed since my first class. I was drawn to Robin, not just because of her knowledge of the practice of yoga,  but the warm, caring spirit she also has. I practice with her twice a week. Yoga has helped me in so many ways. Including managing my life better and stress-free living. I enjoy the practice of and the true spirit of yoga so much, that I entered training to become a yoga instructor.  I want others to feel the wonderful transformation that I feel each time I practice.  I contribute this to Robin. It is through her, that I am so inspired.  Robin is my teacher and my friend. Namaste.”
 ~ Monica H.